Short question on a given text

No country „should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gain”, President Xi Jinping told a forum on the southern Chinese island of Hainan. He did not name North Korea but he appeared to refer to Pyongyang.
The above paragraph is quoted from a Reuters material (still) available here and what I am saying here does in no way represent the point of view of the press agency.

I cannot stop to mention what I have already quoted in the Method section of this blog, that is „The lesson for new analysts is that a statement by a foreign official or diplomat, (…) always carries spin. If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true, even if it is partly true. (…) Evaluation of diplomatic traffic requires subtlety and skill and lots of critical questioning. The meaning of the language is never self-evident.
Emphasis be added to the last phrase, „The meaning of the language is never self-evident„. I am saying this because everyone and their dog seem to think the Chinese president refers to North Korea.

I do have a legitimate question: what if – only if – he in fact was talking to the United States? What if China plays on its support to North Korea and the statement is nothing more than an extension of said policy? What if China, with all its money, army, economy, etc., senses this is the moment it can openly assert its power and impression that it actually is stronger (in many respects) than the US an therefore can act like the regional policy-maker it really is?

As the Reuters author notes, „He [president Xi Jinping] did not name North Korea but he appeared to refer to Pyongyang.”
The Chinese president did not name North Korea indeed. But, again, what if he was NOT referring to Pyongyang?

Furthermore, the US postponed a Minuteman III intercontinental missile test, supposed to take place on its own soil, „to help calm high tension on the Korean peninsula”.
Question to be answered: was the postponement triggered by the fact that the US feel threatened by North Korea’s (military, or even nuclear) power, be it justified by madness, megalomania, communism or whatever else? Or was it triggered by China’s foot into the doorstep?
I would incline towards the latter, as I think United States have at least the will and power to respond to any North Korean military act.

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